My name is Puja Patel, and I am dedicating my website in remembrance to those that lost their lives due to AIDS. These quilts tell a story. Although some quilts have very few words on them, they speak to any individual looking at them. The panel I chose, is block number 5246, and in my eyes, this specific quilt expresses unity, hope, and love. I hope to find out what exactly went on in E. St. Louis. I hope to get a better understanding of what and why the artist chose specific bold colors and certain symbols regarding the AIDS Project. My overall goal is to dig deeper and unravel symbols and hidden messages that are portrayed in the quilt.  My project is going in two directions, one with more of a perfect, beautiful, hopeful approach while the other a more dark, broken, and realistic approach.



As my partner, Ruhi and I started the assignment we were perplexed. Our initial plan was to take the jar, wagon, blue and white paper, straw, bead, and a paper holder and make a city. Read more…

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What is archival research? Archival research is looking into archives or collections that libraries have to conduct primary research. Archival research is an excellent source of research because all the facts are there in forms Read more…

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