The article, “50 Years Ago in Photos: A Look Back at 1968” written by Alan Taylor mentions many memorable times during the 1968’s It is said that life has many obstacles and it is nearly impossible to avoid. The author Alan Taylor mentions the crisis that was erupting during the 1968’s. Along with harsh treatments and the need for equality, many developmental research and programs were launched, meaning the late 1960’s wasn’t entirely a negative time. A few trends and differences I have noticed in this article was the idea of protesting, the fear people portrayed, and women starting to move ahead. When it comes to protesting, many people often look down upon at the thought of it, but in reality, protesting is a right. Protesting allows different viewpoints to be heard and allow openmindedness. I find it interesting how back then protesting was such a hard task, but now almost everyone who feels inferior and wants change establishes petitions and protests to voice their opinions. Also, change can happen in any context, not just dealing with race. When I was looking at the pictures in this article, I noticed the fashion aspect and concluded as to how far we have come from what people wore back then and to what people wear today. Another trend that caught my attention was the fearful atmosphere which was portrayed in almost all the pictures. I know how the 21st century is far from being perfect, but I am grateful to live in a time where we have freedom and not many instances to be scared about as a young adult growing up. According to the pictures, I noticed the lack of happiness and more terrifying aspects from the people. Lastly, I also noticed how back then very few women were active and open as they are now. During the 1968’s equality and women’s movement were a huge issue and an enormous battle that was constantly being fought. The picture in this article that portrays, Norma Enriqueta Basilio, who happens to be the very first woman in 1968 to go up and light the Olympic Fire, is truly inspiring. As spittman16 noted in their annotation that “the change in groups is a theme”  is a great way to categorize one of the many themes this article portrays. Change can happen for numerous reasons and sometimes for a good cause and should be initiated. This article mentions the fifty most eventful instances that took place during the 1968’s.


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