The title of this newspaper clipping is, “HIV infection, AIDS rising among teens, officials fear.” Back then HIV and AIDS were a relatively new type of disease that was taking many lives; there was no cure and people that often had it was neglected and shamed for it. Typically, back then people talked about older male and females having this disease but never really focused in on the younger generation acquiring this horrible disease too. This newspaper clipping mentions how a young adult named, Jerrel Dean Martin had AIDS. His whole life changed, and he was never the same again. Because of this young man, doctors soon realized that HIV and AIDS were hitting younger generations. This source is an excellent artifact because as I was reading it, Martin was the first young adult to spread awareness that his peers could be victims too. This clipping can help researchers find other forms of information about HIV and AIDS regarding young adults. Because of Martin, he urged educators to enlighten younger kids about these diseases to prevent others from being infected.



HIV infection…

Where did this clipping come from? It came from the Dallas Morning News on 8/23/90. In other words, this artifact is not that old. Because this clipping is from Dallas, maybe other local city newspapers talked about the same issue at the time. Another great way to find more information based off of this artifact is to look at the other 33 states that required AIDS education around 1990 and further research regarding teens and AIDS. Lastly, the newspaper clipping is cut, and I saw at the bottom that there was more, if I were researching I would probably want to try to find the entire newspaper so I could read the rest of the page.


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