This reading reminded me of what I was told about on the first day of class regarding the quilt project. Art and history are such abstract concepts in which different minds feel and understand differently. This article mentions how the …”the method of investigation may be useful…” (2) in my opinion this is true because then certain objects true meaning can be brought out into the surface for other eyes to see.  I also agree with how Prown labels and categorizes objects such as “…life/death(mortality), male/female, privacy(seeing and being seen)/communication…”(2) which can then prove to have metaphorical meanings in which they are not limited. In art, every detail helps to bring out the more profound and truer purpose of a specific piece of work. Material culture consists of anything and everything that is around every living individual. After reading this article, I have learned how material culture begins with objects that are constantly around us but ends with words which add a more valuable meaning to that object. Lastly, many aspects come into play when it comes to art or the history of art; people have to identify the object and dig deeper below the surface to grab the real meaning and function of that art. No matter what, art is said to be perceived differently by all individuals, No two individuals will think and feel the same way towards art or history. Interpretation and analysis play a key role in helping artists or authors of specific work get their true and primary meaning out to the rest of the world. Although, one may say art is abstract the beauty of it is that anyone can feel and interpret it how they want to. I interrupted this article, and the words object into a more prominent picture that contains art and history because as I was reading this, I couldn’t help but think of the quilt project.


American Artifacts Essays in Material Culture. Jules David Prown and Kenneth Haltman,



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