Life is a continuous pattern of ups and downs. Life is never one hundred percent perfect. Diseases and illnesses are a part of life but yet when it takes away one of our loved ones we tend to feel broken for the years to come. The Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt is a memorable way for family and friends to remember those they have lost, due to AIDS. The Quilt Project is a way to show the world how yet another disease took away someone who was well loved. The quilts symbolize a part of an individual and all their characteristics. The quilt, in my opinion, allows for the passing individual’s voice to be spoken ever after their death. The quilt is a metaphor for the life that was taken but also the new life the rest of the world will get to see through the quilt, simply because it stands as a memory of who and what a specific individual was like when they were alive.

Although the quilt is an object and is merely being displayed, it speaks out more than words will ever. Over the years, the disease AIDS has taken many lives, and this display, this piece of cloth allows for those that are heartbroken to stand united as one to conquer and overcome the agony and the pain they feel. As if displaying and making a quilt somehow relieves a burden that was on their chest.

Lastly, the Names Project Memorial Quilt’s primary goal is to spread awareness and promote educational reforms to the rest of the world regarding AIDS and HIV. This project does more than just establish quilts, they also make the quilts, host the quilts, and hold panels to inform and spread information about not only their project but the disease itself. It is truly inspiring.



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