In class today, we were assigned a partner and were suppose to analyze their item. My partner, Kristin, brought in a square/ rectangular object. The object consisted of both soft and rough texture. This square also looked airy and had many bubbles or open holes all throughout the bottom portion of it; almost as if this object can soak up any liquid product. This item felt very spongy, as to if a person were to squeeze or try to deform it, the object would come back to its rectangular shape. On this item, there are designs and colors as well. There are yellow lemons on the top part of the object. Also, there are either lemons or oranges cut in half that is placed on the top as well. Addition to the lemons and oranges, there are green leaves distributed among the top. There are roughly five green leaves placed. The head of this item consists of a dark purple color, while the bottom portion includes a mint green color. The top has a rough, grainy texture to it, while the bottom has a soft, spongy texture. This item is a sponge.

After I analyzed and wrote my description of my partner’s item; I then concluded to ask her a few questions regarding the object and as to why she brought it in. I asked her if she was into cleaning, her answer was no. I then asked her if she was somehow similar to the sponge, she responded with yes, because she thinks of herself as a person that absorbs knowledge, emotions, and everything life has to offer. She said it stood for a metaphor. I also asked her if she had any deep connection to the sponge, and she said no. She merely thinks of herself as a sponge in the academic realm nothing more emotionally.

Overall, during this class activity, I was given a chance to get to know one of my classmates better. I understand her viewpoint on her academics, and I found my partner, Kristin, very friendly and easy to converse with. With this exercise, I based a prejudgement regarding the sponge in which she might absorb information in or that she likes pastel and soft colors.


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