What is primary and secondary research? Well, let’s look at them individually and break them down. Primary research would be a source or a piece of data that directly relates to a specific topic. I think of primary research as a factual, direct hand, account of a study. It can be by the author itself or some other articles related to the specific topic. Primary research can also be categorized as any data that is collected around the same time as the initial research topic.  In other words, primary research can be classified as original or direct research.

On the other hand, there is secondary research. Secondary research is analysis or interpretations of the primary research. Secondary research is otherwise better known as collecting analyzed and interpreted data. Also, secondary research has gone through many individuals while primary research has gone through only one, causing primary research to be fresh and raw.

The main difference between primary and secondary research is that priamry research is done by the researcher herself while secondary research is already done by someone else. The facts are already there in secondary research.

How will these two research techniques benefit me, especially in English 1102? In this class, we are doing research on quilts that have been a part of the NAMES Project regarding those who lost their lives due to AIDS and HIV. With that being said, primary research will be the primary focus because as I continue to look at my chosen quilt, I will have to research the vision and inspiration behind the quilt. For me, my primary research might be a letter or a picture that relates to my quilt. I still have to email the quilt gallery and get my letter or any other piece of information that relates to my quilt. I do know that my quilt has a note though.

Lastly, my use of secondary elements will further enhance my knowledge and expand my vision on my quilt. I will see more than shapes and colors; I will hopefully see a generation, hope, and dream, a vision. Any other source that doesn’t explicitly come from the artist of my quilt will be a secondary source.

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