5246: A City Of Hope & Love


The block of quilts I picked was 5246. In this block, many quilts were targetted towards a specific theme, which was love and unity. The panel I chose was titled “A City Of Hope & Love. In the top portion of this panel, there are the words A City of stitched in black. The threads used to sew the letters may have been cotton because the texture was both soft but had a bit of a rough feel to it as well. The top portion of this quilt also consisted of a blood red heart awareness symbol. This symbol was stitched in a shiny cotton fabric and was much softer than the rest of the stitchings on this quilt. Inside this symbol, there is beautiful scenery. There is a half stitched bright yellow sun shown on the middle right corner of the symbol and a sky blue river at the bottom outlined by a dark brown boundary, a dark green grass with printed fabric to illustrate a few flowers. Lastly, there is a gray bridge and a gray and black building in the far back center of the symbol.  Secondly, the bottom portion of this quilt starts off with the words “Hope & Love” sown in all black. Underneath the words, there is a blood red colored heart placed in the center of the quilt. Inside the heart, there are buildings printed with the colors gray and black. These colors are less shiny and bright compared to the top portion of the quilt. The heart is shown to be broken in half but put back together with almost a navy blue balloon or medical instrument. This navy blue object has three small lines sown into it with the color silver. Lastly, at the bottom of the second half of the quilt, there are the words “E. ST. Louis” written.


As soon as I looked at my panel, the very first thought that came to my mind was breast cancer awareness and heart disease awareness. After looking at the entire panel, I realized that it was meant to bring unity and love in a city. The heart disease symbol represents the love with the broken heart that is somehow put back together represents the hope. The city aspect is portrayed in both the top and the bottom portion of the quilt with the buildings that are stitched. I also concluded that the artist of this specific quilt is referring to the city of ST. Louis, Missouri. The top of the panel shows the beautiful almost perfect city while the bottom shows the broken and lifeless part of the city after the disease AIDS and HIV illnesses came to be.

My next step regarding this panel is to find out if someone has written a letter about this particular quilt. I want to know who made it and what the artist was thinking of while they constructed it.


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