The Lifestyle

Bethany Place all started from a pure charity from a third party and the ideology to help and do more to save those that are victims. The Saint Elizabeth Hospital’s involvement in helping serve those with scarlet fever and polio sparked an interest in two determined souls. The two Sisters were a part of the Francis Third Order Hospital. They had been accustomed to the saving and helping lifestyle. Their life consisted of helping others. The need to help was not an act to merely get a good fortune in return. There was no reward offered for doing all that they did. They did it just from the goodness of their heart. Their hopeful and determined vision is what sparked the light back into Saint Missouri, a poor, isolated city. Their involvement not only helped those in the city but eventually to all parts of the Metro East area. One simple act is now still being carried in over eleven different counties in both Missouri and Southern Illinois.

Establishing an organization that will help treat those living with HIV/AIDS in a time where people were disgusted with anything that was related to it was extremely risky. However, Sister Mary and Sister Carol did not care as to what the rest of the community was saying. They wanted to help and did not take heed of the entire backlash that was going on. The foundation made was a dream that faced many obstacles even to get started; yet, one way or another, the Sisters made it work. Sister Mary’s fearless perseverance in a time where there was little to almost no education on HIV/AIDS and discrimination was being formed is the setback she did not let stops her. Both Sisters are the face and the inspiration of the foundation. The heights it is at now is because of both Sister Mary and Sister Carol. Since the time the Sisters established Bethany Place, the progression of it has reached remarkable heights and was able to care and help the indicates in a community.



Betterment & Prevention

Although many other issues are going on the world, HIV/AIDS is important because this disease can tarnish the human body’s immune system by destroying important cells that fight against other diseases and infections. Eventually, the body’s only source to fight back sickness is going to be gone causing the human body to shut down. This entire outburst epidemic has been affecting society and will continue to change the culture in the future. It is imperative to educate those from a young age to prevent any more damage from being done. There are many ways to be educated, ask a teacher, go to a clinic near you for information, and get tested. Talking about HIV/AIDS is nothing to be ashamed of. We live in a world where many people are open-minded and are willing to help each other. Yes, there are still some good people left in the world. Do not delay going to get informed on a severe and potential issue that could strip life away any second.

The history of how Bethany Place came to be will never go unnoticed; many people are still active today that are in pursuit of informing the world of AIDS. The mission is still not over, and I doubt it will ever be. Instead of judging and criticizing people, why not try to lend a helping hand and see how the good deeds that are done will be rewarded. Be optimistic and hopeful that one day, all the darkness and misery will be washed out and a beautiful light will resurface. The lives that were lost because of HIV/AIDS will not go in vain; the battle merely has just begun. Have faith and see what happens next.


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