Programs Offered

Now, Bethany Place is the most substantial non-profit AIDS Service Organization in the Saint Louis Metro East area. Bethany Place currently serves over eleven counties around the Metro East, mainly in Southern Illinois. This organization provides case management and programs that focus on promoting wellness and helping everyone that is living with HIV/AIDS. Through the well being of the clients, Bethany Place also has five different programs to deal with all kinds of needs that patients might come to get help for.

The first program is “case management services.” (Bethany Place). The case management services involve highly trained staff individuals that arrange treatment for consumers. Treatments through the case management services include a food pantry, transportation for Medical appointments, and utility assistance. In other words, this service does not necessarily treat the clients, but it helps give additional information to the clients that could benefit them in the long run. It could also help them get started to do better in life.

Secondly, “prevention education services” this program involves various of services to educate individuals in the community on HIV/AIDS. (Bethany Place). This program does not merely inform those of the disease, but it also offers life-saving techniques to prevent the transmission of the virus. These lifesaving techniques come in the form of counseling, testing, basic educational presentations, and support groups. It is imperative that the public is fully informed of the virus instead of being shamed for it. The faster the public is aware of the cause, and how to prevent it, the better the lives of thousands and thousands of people will be.

Not only does Bethany Place, test and inform the public of HIV/AIDS, but it also does provide “transitional housing services.” (Bethany Place). This housing service house five males that are both homeless and are HIV positive. The men are allowed to stay up to two years to transition and attain a permanent home.  The program is useful through self-help, referral, and a transparent case in which the individual is in need of a healthy drug-free environment. There are requirements. Otherwise, all homeless individual would show up to Bethany Place.

Along with housing services, there are also “rental assistance services” too.(Bethany Place). Rental assistance services that assist people in finding a home. The only way this program works is if the application is made through a referral. The clients must work with the coordinator and case managers to detect which will be best suitable for the client both in the present and in the long run. The best part of it all is that there is no income required to be placed on the housing programs.

Lastly, the “volunteer services” are the motive behind the entire organization, to begin with. (Bethany Place). Without the voluntary help form the community and its members the foundation would not be as productive and as useful as it is now. Trained volunteers are a huge source of aiding those that are affected by HIV/AIDS. Those volunteers also assist in other programs. There are various kinds of volunteer opportunities such as internships, actual jobs, or event planning. Here at Bethany Place, no individual will be discriminated against on any basis.

Spread of Helping Hands

Primarily, the leading organizations locate in the Metro East area; there are other places such as in Atlanta; with the name AID Atlanta. There is also a major one in Los Angeles named Aids Project Los Angeles. Plus there are many more all over the United States. Because the HIV/AIDS epidemic has risen, the need to let the public and community know is crucial. The more organizations that are out there, the more of a difference the world is making on the disease itself. It all starts with one small step at a time. The benefit of being active especially in a democracy is that our voice is being heard. Standing up and fighting for a cause is a right. Being able to stand up and fight when others can not, makes life more valuable.

To begin with AID Atlanta, “AID Atlanta has been providing HIV/AIDS-related services, care, and education since its inception in 1982.” (About AID Atlanta). The organization was initially formed to help with the issue of discrimination against gay men that reside in Atlanta. Over the years, the organization has expanded and welcomed both the “Black and Latino populations.” (About AID Atlanta). Similiar to Bethany Place, AID Atlanta provides services that care and expand the knowledge regarding HIV/AIDS. Their mission is simple; it is to “reduce new HIV infections and improve the quality of life of its members and the community by breaking barriers and building community.” (About AID Atlanta).

ALong the same realm of helping hands, the AIDS Project Los Angeles is also up and active. Their goal is to “achieve health care equity and promote well-being for the LGBT and other underserved communities and people living with and affected by HIV.” (Mission and Strategic Plan). APLA “educates” the community of HIV and AIDS, develops strategies to prevent the outbreak, and “advocates” for those that are suffering (Mission and Strategic Plan).

On a more global platform, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation “is a global organization providing cutting-edge medicine and advocacy to more than 750,000 patients in 36 countries worldwide.” (Trust Matters.). This is one of the more well known and useful organizations because it not only provides support but gives access to actual medical care. AHF gives “family planning, AHF services confidentiality, patient-centered care,” and more.