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From the beginning of the semester to now, I can honestly say my annotating skills have seriously improved. I have learned how to connect two texts without stating the in words context again. I learned to think more in-depth and think more critically. This time around, the annotating process was much faster and more comfortable. Also, I have gotten used to the idea of reading. In fact, I enjoyed reading unit two.

My primary text by Arola Ball titled, “What are Multimodal Projects,” helped me understand the different methods of communicating. To fully understand what Arola Ball is trying to convey, it is imperative to understand the definition of multimodal. Multimodal is identified as various ways of communicating. Arola Ball’s text is a perfect guideline in understanding how sign language is a multimodal project. The use of sign language is a form of multimodal communication. There is no limitation as to what classifies as multimodal because anything that consists of a way to communicate is classified as multimodal. Arola is emphasizing the five modes that are identified as multimodal works. The five modes are linguistic, visual, aural, gestural, and spatial. Linguistic mode relates to the use of language, through written or spoken words. Visual mode deals with the use of images or other aspects that people see. An aural mode is classified into the use of sounds. Gestural mode pertains to the use of different movements being used to make sense of meaning. Sign language classifies explicitly with gestural mode because it deals with hand gestures. Sign language can also be visual because people are looking at the hand gestures; however, it can also be aural because sometimes sounds are incorporated while signing. Lastly, spatial mode refers to the physical placement of how information is being placed.

Though there are five categories in which multimodal projects can be grouped in, that does not mean that all five have to be present for a work to be multimodal. Anyone of the five categories makes a project multimodal. Multimodal works have to have a medium, a way in which the information is portrayed to an audience. Many writers use multimodality based work to get additional information out to the public. Now, in most cases, people are more active in using this form of communicating to reach all of the senses that correlate to people. Concluding from the two texts that I read, sign language is a primary method and a multimodal communication method for the deaf community. Therefore, the unrelated words the amateur interpreter used upset the deaf community because that is the only way they can express what they are thinking and feeling.

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