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First and foremost, this assignment pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I am not the best English student; however, in this particular task, I did learn many useful tips in which I will use all through my four years of college. Typically, when I am told to read whether it be an article or a book; I honestly merely skim through it. Then I go to Google and find a summary and read that. For this reading assignment, I realized me not reading isn’t going to work, In this case, I read the Haltman introduction about two times and still wasn’t exactly sure as to what I was reading. After I got somewhat of a firm grasp, I began to annotate. Again, I have never been asked to annotate, so I was extremely new to the entire idea of it.  After two tries and reading my classmates annotation, I learned and can honestly say I am better at it now then when I first started. The Haltman reading was a challenge for sure.

What I did get from the Haltman reading is that the essays that are composed of in this particular piece of work allow both scholars and students to gain a new foundation on material culture and the strategies that come with it. This introduction, mentions Prownian analysis, which is a way for any individual to get a firm grasp on how to logically analyze and understand challenging work, precisely, in this case, material culture. As I continued to read, I found myself immensely confused. Although what I did get from the introduction is how the Prownian analysis helps an individual understand the most abstract piece of work. The Prownian analysis takes an object and simply breaks it down to unravel the deeper meaning in which that particular item may stand for. When it comes to describing or observing an object, researchers, students, or even scholars need to look at both what the object may stand for and how it stands for a specific theme. The beauty of material culture is that it can be an object, a song, a poem, honestly, it can be anything, With that being said, it is then up to the people to figure how to make that object stand for something more significant, as a whole. The Prownian analysis allows material culture to be described, interpreted and stripped down to gain the more valuable meaning. Jules Prown’s method incorporates characteristics such as observing, interrogating, vocabulary, and diction. Overall, I believe his goal is to get others to become more open-minded and creative.

In conclusion, this reading response task made me see the resemblance between the Prownian analysis and necessary English academic requirements. I saw a vast similarity when I was annotating. I found a connection mainly when it came to annotating because one must read or observe first then go through again and pick out relevant concepts. An individual must read between the lines just like an individual must interpret or analyze an object.

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