In this image, there is a girl who is relatively fair in color with dark blue eyes. Her stance is relatively different than most poses. She has her shoulder pointing towards us, the audience, and her face and neck are parallel to her shoulder. She is wearing a smooth pale white pearl as an earring. Her head is is wrapped in a midnight blue and black colored head scarf with the color yellow that is placed towards the back and bottom of the scarf. Her pink mouth is slightly open. The background consists of a pitch black color almost as if the artist wanted the girl to stand out. The girl is wearing a cotton white collared shirt with a brown or a mocha colored jacket on top. The jackets texture appears to be as if it is somewhat of a sandy, rough texture looking at the strokes of the color that is painted.


The girl looks distressed or afraid. She looks very classy but almost as a quiet shy girl. She seems almost confused.


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